Optimisation of Surgical Results in de-Quervain’s Disease

Kamath, BJ and Vardhan, H and Jayasheelan, N and Mahale, A and Kumar, A (2014) Optimisation of Surgical Results in de-Quervain’s Disease. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Background: De Quervain’s disease poses more problems with respect to management than the diagnosis. Surgery is resorted to when the conservative methods fail. There are known complications of the surgical intervention. Surgeon contemplating the surgery should be aware of these and make every attempt to optimize the results and avoid the above mentioned complication. Methods: Sixty symptomatic wrists in 57 individuals suffering from de Quervain’s disease who needed surgery were studied preoperatively with ultrasound. Number of tendons and the sub septae identified in the ultrasound examination preoperatively were confirmed on the table during the surgery. The release was brought about under local anesthesia, with magnification taking care to avoid injury to the cephalic vein and superficial branch of radial nerve, not to violate the anterior margin of the sheath, thus preventing complications. A negative post release finkelstein test was ensured before the wound closure. Results: All 60 patients who underwent release for de Quervain’s disease were symptom free, satisfied and fully functional. Conclusions: De-Quervain's disease not relieved by conservative methods needs surgical release under local anesthesia with a transverse incision with Preoperative ultrasound examination for the number of tendons and subseptae. Avoiding the violation of the volar aspect of the sheath, loupe magnification, tourniquet and post release Finkelstein’s test before wound closure, will ensure optimal results.

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Keywords:De Quervain’s tenosynovitis; Ultrasonography; Loupe; Finkelstien’s test.
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