Benign Intratesticular Epidermoid Cyst of the Testis: Diagnostic Dilemma

Suryawanshi, KH and Nikumbh, DB and Mujawar, P and Pagare, P and Kanthikar, SN (2014) Benign Intratesticular Epidermoid Cyst of the Testis: Diagnostic Dilemma. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Intratesticular epidermoid cysts of the testis are rare benign lesions, comprising about 1-2% of all the testicular neoplasms. Clinically it may not be differentiated reliably from the most common malignant testicular tumours and poses a diagnostic dilemma. Majority of the testicular tumours are malignant one, hence accurate diagnosis in benign lesions such as epidermoid cyst is always warranted to avoid unnecessary invasive procedures like orchidectomy. Herein, we present a case of benign, intratesticular epidermoid cyst of the testis in a 30 years old male treated by conservative approach with testicular preservation, avoiding unnecessary orchidectomy.

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Keywords:Epidermoid cyst; Testis; Testicular neoplasms
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