@unpublished{cogprints1249, title = {Aspects of schematic processing in Indigenous speakers of Aboriginal English: An initial exploration}, author = {Farzad Sharifian}, year = {2000}, keywords = {Aboriginal cognition and language. Schema theory. }, url = {http://cogprints.org/1249/}, abstract = {Schema theory provides a meeting place for the studies of language, culture, and cognition. Cultural knowledge and experience are represented in the form of cognitive schemas, which underlie the production of cultural discourse. Thus, an examination of distinctive patterns of discourse produced by cultural groups may provide us with an understanding of their underlying cultural schemas. Discourse in English produced by Aboriginal students reveals certain Aboriginal cultural schemas. A closer analysis of Aboriginal English discourse also reveals some salient patterns which may be explained by the way these cultural schemas are processed. The present study is an initial attempt to explore these patterns in the light of schema theory. In this analysis, certain features suggest distinctive patterns of schema activation, while some other point to the possibility of a distinctive role played by schemas in the use of referential devices. } }