TY - GEN ID - cogprints130 UR - http://cogprints.org/130/ A1 - Bullock, T.H. Y1 - 1996/// N2 - They tell me I was born on a sunny Sunday in May in Nanking, China, in 1915. I was the second of four children of Presbyterian missionary parents, Amasa Archibald Bullock and Ruth Beckwith, who had come to China in 1909, honeymooning on the way for six months in Europe and India. Several years before, father had answered a call for western teachers, published by the Empress; he spent a contract year in Chengtu, in western Szechuan, teaching chemistry, his major subject at U.C. Berkeley. He fell in love with the people, their eagerness to listen, and their respect for learning. Seeing a niche that called him, in the scattered experiments with western style education, especially teacher training, he returned to the states to take a master's degree in education at Chicago and then advanced work in psychology with Thorndike at Columbia. His college roommate's sister was preparing to be a missionary in Hartford Theological Seminary and they had corresponded but not met before he came to visit and in four days secured her assent to return with him and spend a life in China. He joined the faculty of the University of Nanking to start its normal school and, among other activities, its program in agriculture. The still extant guest book of our home shows the signatures of Sun Yat Sun, then President of China, and several members of his cabinet. PB - Society of Neuroscience, Washington, D.C. TI - Theodore Holmes Bullock SP - 110 AV - public EP - 157 ER -