@misc{cogprints1425, volume = {1}, number = {1}, month = {January}, author = {Mary Ann Metzger}, editor = {Stephen J. Guastello}, title = {Applications of nonlinear dynamic systems theory in developmental psychology: Motor and cognitive development}, publisher = {Human Sciences Press}, year = {1997}, journal = {Nonlinear Dynamics, Psychology, And Life Sciences}, pages = {55--68}, keywords = {developmental psychology; nonlinear dynamical systems; motor development; cognitive development; multiprocess model}, url = {http://cogprints.org/1425/}, abstract = {Applications of nonlinear dynamical systems theory to psychology have led to recent advances in understanding neuromotor development and advances in theories of cognitive development. This article reviews published findings associated with a specific coherent and influential application from which a theory of adaptive, self-organized cognition has been derived and related to a theory of developmental dynamics of the neuromotor system. The review focuses on implications of two theories for quantifying developmental phenomena, and suggests a method for quantifying the cognitive theory.} }