@misc{cogprints1491, month = {September}, title = {How Well Do We Know Our Own Conscious Experience? The Case of Human Echolocation}, author = {Eric Schwitzgebel and Michael S Gordon}, year = {2000}, keywords = {echolocation, audition, hearing, consciousness, phenomenology, introspection, self-knowledge}, url = {http://cogprints.org/1491/}, abstract = {Researchers from the 1940's through the present have found that normal, sighted people can echolocate - that is, detect properties of silent objects by attending to sound reflected from them. We argue that echolocation is a normal part of our conscious, perceptual experience. Despite this, we argue that people are often grossly mistaken about their experience of echolocation. If so, echolocation provides a counterexample to the view that we cannot be seriously mistaken about our own current conscious experience.} }