%A Yasuo Kuniyoshi %A Luc Berthouze %J Neural Networks %T Neural Learning of Embodied Interaction Dynamics %X This paper presents our approach towards realizing a robot which can bootstrap itself towards higher complexity through embodied interaction dynamics with the environment including other agents. First, the elements of interaction dynamics are extracted from conceptual analysis of embodied interaction and its emergence, especially of behavioral imitation. Then three case studies are made, presenting our neural architecture and the robotic experiments on some of the important elements discussed above: self exploration and entrainment, emergent coordination, and categorizing self behavior. Finally we propose that integrating all these elements will be the important step towards realizing the bootstrapping agent envisaged above. %N 7-8 %K embodiment, dynamical systems, imitation, development, spiking neurons, emergence, exploration, categorization, coordination, active vision %P 1259-1276 %E Rodney Brooks %E Stephen Grossberg %E Lance Optican %V 11 %D 1998 %I Pergamon %L cogprints1495