%A Stevan Harnad %J Computer Law & Security Report %T E-Knowledge: Freeing the Refereed Journal Corpus Online. %X The author of this paper has been advocating for some time that online public self-archiving of the refereed journal literature be introduced without delay. Indeed he sees it as inevitable in all disciplines within a very short time (and as optimal for research and researchers). He also argues that it can be achieved without compromising the peer reviewed journal literature in any way. What follows here is a point-by-point critique of two prominent prior published critiques (appearing in Science and the New England Journal of Medicine) of a still earlier proposal along the lines championed here, by the former Director of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), Harold Varmus. The Varmus proposal was to establish a free archive for the biomedical literature called "E-Biomed" (since renamed "PubMed Central" and currently being implemented along somewhat different lines). The two critiques of the Varmus proposal were by Floyd Bloom, Editor of Science, and by Arnold Relman, Editor of the New England Journal of Medicine. Both critiques are replied to and critiqued in turn in quote/commentary format below. %N 2 %K electronic publishing, open archives, self-archiving, copyright, peer review, Ingelfinger rule %P 78-87 %V 16 %D 2000 %L cogprints1701