%A Bruce Edmonds %T Learning Appropriate Contexts %X Genetic Programming is extended so that the solutions being evolved do so in the context of local domains within the total problem domain. This produces a situation where different ?species? of solution develop to exploit different ?niches? of the problem ? indicating exploitable solutions. It is argued that for context to be fully learnable a further step of abstraction is necessary. Such contexts abstracted from clusters of solution/model domains make sense of the problem of how to identify when it is the content of a model is wrong and when it is the context. Some principles of learning to identify useful contexts are proposed. %K learning, conditions of application, context, evolutionary computing, error %P 143-155 %E Varol Akman %E Paolo Bouquet %E Richmond Thomason %E Roger Young %V 2116 %D 2001 %I Springer-verlag %L cogprints1772