@misc{cogprints1863, title = {Exploiting context when learning to classify}, author = {Peter Turney}, year = {1993}, pages = {402--407}, keywords = {context, robust classification, context-sensitive features, machine learning, robust learning.}, url = {http://cogprints.org/1863/}, abstract = {This paper addresses the problem of classifying observations when features are context-sensitive, specifically when the testing set involves a context that is different from the training set. The paper begins with a precise definition of the problem, then general strategies are presented for enhancing the performance of classification algorithms on this type of problem. These strategies are tested on two domains. The first domain is the diagnosis of gas turbine engines. The problem is to diagnose a faulty engine in one context, such as warm weather, when the fault has previously been seen only in another context, such as cold weather. The second domain is speech recognition. The problem is to recognize words spoken by a new speaker, not represented in the training set. For both domains, exploiting context results in substantially more accurate classification.} }