%A Erkan Tin %A Varol Akman %J Logic, Language and Computation %T Information-Oriented Computation with BABY-SIT %X While situation theory and situation semantics provide an appropriate framework for a realistic model-theoretic treatment of natural language, serious thinking on their `computational' aspects has only recently started. Existing proposals mainly offer a Prolog- or Lisp-like programming environment with varying degrees of divergence from the ontology of situation theory. In this paper, we introduce a computational medium (called BABY-SIT) based on situations. The primary motivation underlying BABY-SIT is to facilitate the development and testing of programs in domains ranging from linguistics to artificial intelligence in a unified framework built upon situation-theoretic constructs. %K situation theory, situation semantics, natural language, information, computation, PROSIT (programming in situationtheory), ASTL (a situation theoretic language), BABY-SIT, KEE (knowledge engineering environment), YSP (Yale shootingproblem). %P 19-34 %E Jerry Seligman %E Dag Westerstahl %D 1996 %I CSLI Publications, Stanford University, Stanford, California %L cogprints199