%A Angelo Cangelosi %A Domenico Parisi %J Simulating the Evolution of Language %T Computer simulation: A new scientific approach to the study of language evolution %X (summary of the whole book) This volume provides a comprehensive survey of computational models and methodologies used for studying the origin and evolution of language and communication. With contributions from the most influential figures in the field, Simulating the Evolution of Language presents and summarises current computational approaches to language evolution and highlights new lines of development. Among the main discussion points are: ? Analysis of emerging linguistic behaviours and structures ? Demonstration of the strict interaction and interdependence between language and other non-linguistic abilities ? Direct comparisons between simulation studies and empirical research Essential reading for researchers and students in the areas of evolutionary and adaptive systems, language evolution, modelling and linguistics, it will also be of particular interest to computer scientists working on multi-agent systems, robotics and internet agents. %K language evolution, computer simulation, computational linguistic %P 3-28 %E Angelo Cangelosi %E Domenico Parisi %D 2002 %I Springer Verlag %L cogprints2014