@misc{cogprints2105, editor = {Roy Ascott}, title = {Toward a Theory of Creative Inklings}, author = {Liane M. Gabora}, publisher = {Intellect Press, Oxford England}, year = {2000}, pages = {159---164}, journal = {Art, Technology, and Consciousness}, keywords = {creativity, creative idea, insight, inspiration, inkling, distributed memory, contextuality, crosstalk, activation function, memory, content addressable, contextuality, abstraction, contextuality, collapse, conceptual network, experience, features, subliminal impressions, associative hierarchies, dance, novelty, linkage, mental set, reality}, url = {http://cogprints.org/2105/}, abstract = {It is perhaps not so baffling that we have the ability to develop, refine, and manifest a creative idea, once it has been conceived. But what sort of a system could spawn the initial seed of creativity from which an idea grows? This paper looks at how the mind is structured in such a way that we can experience a glimmer of insight or inkling of artistic inspiration.} }