%A Douglas J. Gould PhD %J Medical Education Online %T The Brachial Plexus: Development and Assessment of a Computer Based Learning Tool %X The objective of the present study is to evaluate the use of multimedia technology to simplify study of the brachial plexus. A combination of newly-rendered illustrations, animations, explanatory text, and a set of printable sample questions were combined into a program to provide a tutorial for the brachial plexus. One aspect of the program is an animation showing the development of the brachial plexus from its developmental origins that illustrates limb rotation and the resulting adult anatomy and dermatomal arrangement. The cross-platform program requires Quicktime 3.0 and is packaged on CD-ROM. Student evaluation of the program highlights its ease of use and intuitive navigation. User evaluation provides validation that the use of illustrations and animations is beneficial to user?s understanding and retention of the material. Future plans involve incorporation of pathologic images in order to enhance the clinical relevance of the product. %D 2001 %K computer program; anatomy; development; embryology; animation; CD-ROM %L cogprints2384 %V 6