@misc{cogprints2672, volume = {7}, number = {13}, month = {November}, title = {Evaluation of World Wide Web-based Lessons for a First Year Dental Biochemistry Course }, author = {Alan E. Levine , Ph.D}, year = {2002}, journal = {Medical Education Online}, keywords = {biochemistry, metabolism, dental education, computer assisted learning, World Wide Web, teaching aid, Internet resource}, url = {http://cogprints.org/2672/}, abstract = {First year dental students at The University of Texas Dental Branch at Houston (Dental Branch) are required to take a basic biochemistry course. To facilitate learning and allow student self-assessment of their progress, WWW-based lessons covering intermediary metabolism were developed as a supplement to traditional lectures. Lesson design combined text, graphics, and animations and included learner control, links to other learning resources, and practice exercises and exams with immediate feedback. Results from an on-line questionnaire completed by students in two different classes showed that they completed 50\% of the lessons and spent an average of 4 hrs. on-line. A majority of the students either agreed or strongly agreed that practice exercises were helpful, that the ability to control the pace of the lessons was important, that the lesson structure and presentation was easy to follow, that the illustrations, animations, and hyperlinks were helpful, and that the lessons were effective as a review. The very positive response to the WWW-based lessons indicates the usefulness of this approach as a study aid for dental students.} }