%A Professor Max Velmans %O This is a fuller (unabridged) version of an invited commentary on a BBS target article. %J In press %T IS THE WORLD IN THE BRAIN, OR THE BRAIN IN THE WORLD? (A commentary on Lehar, S. Gestalt isomorphism and the primacy of subjective conscious experience: A Gestalt Bubble model, Behavioral and Brain Sciences, in press) %X Lehar provides useful insights into spatially extended phenomenology that may have major consequences for neuroscience. However, Lehar?s biological naturalism leads to counterintuitive conclusions and he does not give an accurate account of preceding and competing work. This commentary compares Lehar?s analysis with that of Velmans, which address similar issues but draws opposite conclusions. Lehar argues that the phenomenal world is in the brain, and concludes that the physical skull is beyond the phenomenal world. Velmans argues that the brain is in the phenomenal world and concludes that the physical skull is where it seems to be. %D 2003 %K Lehar, biological naturalism, reflexive monism, visual perception, brain, phenomenal world, spatial %L cogprints2798