TY - GEN ID - cogprints2809 UR - http://cogprints.org/2809/ A1 - Georgiev, Dr. Danko TI - The causal consciousness: beta-neurexin promotes neuromediator release via vibrational multidimensional tunneling Y1 - 2003/03// N2 - Epiphenomenalism is shown to be absurd because the development of consciousness must be explainable through natural selection. A detailed neuromolecular basis of the neuromediator release is given and it is stressed on the possible key point where the quantum mind could act, namely presynaptic scaffold protein dynamics and detachment of the calcium sensor v-SNARE synaptotagmin-1. The beta-neurexin molecules are tuned via fast propagating solitons by the quantum coherent microtubule network so that the beta-neurexin molecule thermal vibrations could promote or suppress conformational changes via vibrational multidimensional tunneling, which drives synaptotagmin-1 detachment from the SNARE complex under calcium ion binding. Following the synaptotagmin-1 detachment membrane fusion takes place in SNARE dependent fashion and the presynaptic vesicle spills neuromediator in the synaptic cleft. Thus the quantum transfer of information causally affects the neuromediator release. AV - public KW - Neuromediator release KW - Quantum tunneling KW - Causality KW - Consciousness KW - Epiphenomenalism ER -