@misc{cogprints2827, month = {March}, title = {Spin as Primordial Self-Referential Process Driving Quantum Mechanics, Spacetime Dynamics and Consciousness}, author = {Huping Hu and Maoxin Wu}, year = {2003}, keywords = {spin, mind, self-reference, consciousness, quantum mechanics, spacetime dynamics}, url = {http://cogprints.org/2827/}, abstract = {We have recently theorized that consciousness is intrinsically connected to quantum mechanical spin since said spin is embedded in the microscopic structure of spacetime and is more fundamental than spacetime itself, that is, spin is the ?mind-pixel.? Applying these ideas to the particular structures and dynamics of the brain, we have developed a qualitative model of quantum consciousness. In this paper, we express our fundamental view that spin is a primordial self-referential process driving quantum mechanics, spacetime dynamics and consciousness. To justify such a view, we will draw support from existing literatures, discuss from a reductionist perspective the essential properties said spin should possess as mind-pixel and explore further the nature of spin to see whether said properties are present. Our conclusion is that these properties are indeed endowed to spin by Nature. One of the implications from our fundamental view is that the probabilistic structure of quantum mechanics is due to the self-referential collapse of spin state that is contextual, non-local, non-computable and irreversible. Therefore, a complete theory of the self-referential spin process is necessarily semantic, that is, it should be based on internally meaningful information.} }