@misc{cogprints2834, volume = {8}, number = {2}, month = {February}, title = {ECG Wave-Maven: An Internet-based Electrocardiography Self-Assessment Program for Students and Clinicians}, author = {Seth McClennen MD and Larry A. Nathanson MD and Charles Safran MD and Ary L. Goldberger MD}, year = {2003}, journal = {Medical Education Online}, keywords = {medical education; health professional education; peer-reviewed; Clinical science education; Informatics/Web; ECG; education; teaching tools}, url = {http://cogprints.org/2834/}, abstract = {Purpose: To create a multimedia internet-based ECG teaching tool, with the ability to rapidly incorporate new clinical cases. Method: We created ECG Wave-Maven (http://ecg.bidmc.harvard.edu), a novel teaching tool with a direct link to an institution-wide clinical repository. We analyzed usage data from the web between December, 2000 and May 2002. Results: In 17 months, there have been 4105 distinct uses of the program. A majority of users are physicians or medical students (2605, 63\%), and almost half report use as an educational tool. Conclusions: The internet offers an opportunity to provide easily-expandable, open access resources for ECG pedagogy which may be used to complement traditional methods of instruction} }