<> "The repository administrator has not yet configured an RDF license."^^ . <> . . "Myths and Legends of the Baldwin Effect"^^ . "This position paper argues that the Baldwin effect is widely \nmisunderstood by the evolutionary computation community. The \nmisunderstandings appear to fall into two general categories. \nFirstly, it is commonly believed that the Baldwin effect is\nconcerned with the synergy that results when there is an evolving \npopulation of learning individuals. This is only half of the story. \nThe full story is more complicated and more interesting. The Baldwin \neffect is concerned with the costs and benefits of lifetime \nlearning by individuals in an evolving population. Several \nresearchers have focussed exclusively on the benefits, but there \nis much to be gained from attention to the costs. This paper explains \nthe two sides of the story and enumerates ten of the costs and \nbenefits of lifetime learning by individuals in an evolving population.\nSecondly, there is a cluster of misunderstandings about the relationship\nbetween the Baldwin effect and Lamarckian inheritance of acquired \ncharacteristics. The Baldwin effect is not Lamarckian. A Lamarckian\nalgorithm is not better for most evolutionary computing problems than \na Baldwinian algorithm. Finally, Lamarckian inheritance is not a\nbetter model of memetic (cultural) evolution than the Baldwin effect."^^ . "1996" . . . . . . . . "Peter"^^ . "Turney"^^ . "Peter Turney"^^ . . . . . . "Myths and Legends of the Baldwin Effect (PDF)"^^ . . . . . . "NRC-39220.pdf"^^ . . . "Myths and Legends of the Baldwin Effect (Image (PNG))"^^ . . . . . . "preview.png"^^ . . . "Myths and Legends of the Baldwin Effect (Indexer Terms)"^^ . . . . . . "indexcodes.txt"^^ . . "HTML Summary of #2889 \n\nMyths and Legends of the Baldwin Effect\n\n" . "text/html" . . . "Machine Learning" . . . "Evolution" . .