@misc{cogprints289, volume = {381}, month = {June}, title = {"Quantum Incoherence," review of A. G. Cairns-Smith, Evolving the Mind: on the nature of matter and the origin of consciousness}, author = {Daniel C Dennett}, year = {1996}, journal = {Nature}, url = {http://cogprints.org/289/}, abstract = {After decades of persistent work by researchers in many fields, building foundations and patiently filling in details, the gigantic jigsaw puzzle of consciousness is beginning to come into focus. As large assemblies fall into place with a gratifying convergence of details drawn from different disciplines, the pace is quickening. Everybody wants to be in on the delicious task of describing what the Big Picture is going to look like, predicting the outlines before the mopping up operations confirm them. Well, not quite everybody. There are also those who dislike what they see happening: consciousness is turning out to be "just" a great big jigsaw puzzle. What? No cosmic revolutions in quantum (or meta-) physics? No Impenetrable Mysteries? Bummer!} }