@misc{cogprints2911, month = {September}, title = {The Evolution of Spacing Effects in Autonomous Agents}, author = {J. S. Markovitch}, year = {1994}, keywords = {spacing effects disambiguation genetic algorithms}, url = {http://cogprints.org/2911/}, abstract = {This paper discusses research into whether the memories of adaptive autonomous agents can be made to spontaneously evolve spacing effects. Experiments involving human memory have shown that learning trials massed closely in time elicit slower learning than the equivalent number trials spaced apart in time. These "spacing effects" have been observed across a wide array of conditions. The experimental results detailed here show that such effects can be made to evolve spontaneously in autonomous agents. The results also suggest that the greater learning difficulty humans experience from closely spaced trials may not be the result of a defect of biology, but rather may be a consequence of a need to give only the appropriate weight to each learning experience.} }