@misc{cogprints2953, month = {May}, title = {A Polar Concept Argument for the Existence of Abstracta}, author = {Paul Franceschi}, year = {2003}, keywords = {abstract objects, abstracta, polar concepts, polar concept argument, duality, polar opposites, indispensability argument}, url = {http://cogprints.org/2953/}, abstract = {In this paper, I present a polar concept argument for the existence of abstract objects. After recalling the fundamentals concerning the debate about the existence of abstracta, I present in a detailed way the argument for the existence of abstracta. I offer two different variations of the argument: one, deductive and the other, inductive. The argument rests primarily on the fact that our universe is well-balanced. This well-balanced property results from the fact that all instantiable polar dualities are instantiated. Hence, the abstract pole of the abstract/concrete duality must also be exemplified. Lastly, I review several objections that can be raised against this latter argument.} }