@misc{cogprints3020, volume = {LXVII}, number = {4}, author = {Stevan Harnad}, editor = {John Feather and Paul Sturges}, title = {Online Archives for Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications}, publisher = {Routledge}, journal = {International Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science}, year = {2003}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3020/}, abstract = {Peer-reviewed journals used to perform two functions for research and researchers -- (1) peer review and (2) distribution -- and research libraries used to perform two more -- (3) archiving and (4) access provision. In the online age, journals will need only to provide the peer-review service. Authors will self-archive their papers, both before and after peer review, in their institutional Eprint Archives, which will all be interoperable with one another, providing open access to all peer-reviewed research output as if it were all in one global archive.} }