@misc{cogprints3054, volume = {43}, number = {2}, author = {Paul Vogt}, editor = {A. Saffiotti and S. Coradeschi}, title = {Anchoring of semiotic symbols}, publisher = {Elsevier Science}, year = {2003}, journal = {Robotics and Autonomous Systems}, pages = {109--120}, keywords = {symbol grounding problem, anchoring problem, language evolution}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3054/}, abstract = {This paper presents arguments for approaching the anchoring problem using \{{$\backslash$}em semiotic symbols\}. Semiotic symbols are defined by a triadic relation between forms, meanings and referents, thus having an implicit relation to the real world.Anchors are formed between these three elements rather than between `traditional' symbols and sensory images. This allows an optimization between the form (i.e. the `traditional' symbol) and the referent. A robotic experiment based on adaptive language games illustrates how the anchoring of semiotic symbols can be achieved in a bottom-up fashion. The paper concludes that applying semiotic symbols is a potentially valuable approach toward anchoring.} }