@misc{cogprints3151, month = {October}, title = {Intelligent systems in the context of surrounding environment}, author = {Joseph Wakeling and Per Bak}, year = {2001}, note = {Published in Physical Review E 64, 051920 (2001).}, keywords = {Neuroscience; Neural networks; Self-organized systems}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3151/}, abstract = {We investigate the behavioral patterns of a population of agents, each controlled by a simple biologically motivated neural network model, when they are set in competition against each other in the Minority Model of Challet and Zhang. We explore the effects of changing agent characteristics, demonstrating that crowding behavior takes place among agents of similar memory, and show how this allows unique `rogue' agents with higher memory values to take advantage of a majority population. We also show that agents' analytic capability is largely determined by the size of the intermediary layer of neurons. In the context of these results, we discuss the general nature of natural and artificial intelligence systems, and suggest intelligence only exists in the context of the surrounding environment (embodiment). Source code for the programs used can be found at http://neuro.webdrake.net/.} }