@misc{cogprints3152, month = {July}, title = {Order-disorder transition in the Chialvo-Bak `minibrain' controlled by network geometry}, author = {Joseph Wakeling}, year = {2003}, note = {Published in Physica A 325 (2003) 561-569.}, keywords = {Phase transitions; Neural networks; Neuroscience}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3152/}, abstract = {We examine a simple biologically-motivated neural network, the three-layer version of the Chialvo-Bak `minibrain' [Neurosci. 90 (1999) 1137], and present numerical results which indicate that a non-equilibrium phase transition between ordered and disordered phases occurs subject to the tuning of a control parameter. Scale-free behaviour is observed at the critical point. Notably, the transition here is due solely to network geometry and not any noise factor. The phase of the network is thus a design parameter which can be tuned. The phases are determined by differing levels of interference between active paths in the network and the consequent accidental destruction of good paths.} }