@misc{cogprints317, volume = {4}, number = {1}, title = {Moving Forward on the Problem of Consciousness}, author = {David. J. Chalmers}, year = {1997}, pages = {3--46}, journal = {Journal of Consciousness Studies}, keywords = {consciousness, qualia, experience, materialism, dualism, explanation}, url = {http://cogprints.org/317/}, abstract = {This paper is a response to the 26 commentaries on my paper "Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness". First, I respond to deflationary critiques, including those that argue that there is no "hard" problem of consciousness or that it can be accommodated within a materialist framework. Second, I respond to nonreductive critiques, including those that argue that the problems of consciousness are harder than I have suggested, or that my framework for addressing them is flawed. Third, I address positive proposals for addressing the problem of consciousness, including those based in neuroscience and cognitive science, phenomenology, physics, and fundamental psychophysical theories. Reply to: Baars, Bilodeau, Churchland, Clark, Clarke, Crick \& Koch, Dennett, Hameroff \& Penrose, Hardcastle, Hodgson, Hut \& Shepard, Libet, Lowe, MacLennan, McGinn, Mills, O'Hara \& Scutt, Price, Robinson, Rosenberg, Seager, Shear, Stapp, Varela, Velmans.} }