@misc{cogprints3194, volume = {8}, number = {13}, month = {October}, title = {An Alternative Teaching Method for the Regulation of the Immune Response}, author = {Ana Cec{\'i}lia Michel da Rosa and Luiz Felipe Osowsk and Andr{\'e}a Goya Tocchetto and Carlos Eduardo Niederauer and Cristiane Maria Benvenuto Andrade Andrade and Maria L{\'u}cia Scroferneker Scroferneker}, year = {2003}, journal = {Medical Education Online}, keywords = {Immune Response; Regulation; Learning; Game}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3194/}, abstract = {Purpose: Our teaching experience has shown that dealing with the molecular aspects of the immune response regulation poses several difficulties. Therefore, we developed a panel board to verify whether or not this active-learning exercise could enhance students? learning and arouse their interest in subjects that are basically theoretical and complex. Methods: Twenty cardboard pieces labeled with the names of major regulators of the immune response and three panel boards with explanations on how major regulators work. Students had to match the cardboard pieces with the corresponding explanation. Results: One hundred forty students participated in this study. The overall response of the students to the game was very positive: 95.71\% considered the panel board interesting and 95\% said the panel board facilitated the understanding of the subject matter. The students? grades significantly improved (P{\ensuremath{<}}0.0001). Conclusion: The results obtained show the importance of using the panel board when trying to approach a subject that is vast and complex not only for students but also for professors.} }