%A Dr. Alan Stocker %T Compact Integrated Transconductance Amplifier Circuit for Temporal Differentiation %X A compact integrated CMOS circuit for temporal differentiation is presented. It consists of a high-gain inverting amplifier, an active non-linear transconductance and a capacitor and requires only 4 transistors in its minimal configuration.The circuit provides two rectified current outputs that are proportional to the temporal derivative of the input voltage signal. Besides the compactness of its design, the presented circuit is not dependent on the DC-value of the input signal, as compared with known integrated differentiator circuits. Measured chip results show that the circuit operates on a large input frequency range for which it provides nearideal temporal differentiation. The circuit is particularly suited for focal-plane implementations of gradient-based visual motion systems. %D 2003 %P 202-205 %L cogprints3261