%A Murat Ersan %A Varol Akman %J Bulletin of the IGPL %T Situated Modeling of Epistemic Puzzles %X Situation theory is a mathematical theory of meaning introduced by Jon Barwise and John Perry. It has evoked great theoretical interest and motivated the framework of a few `computational' systems. PROSIT is the pioneering work in this direction. Unfortunately, there is a lack of real-life applications on these systems and this study is a preliminary attempt to remedy this deficiency. Here, we solve a group of epistemic puzzles using the constructs provided by PROSIT. %N 1 %K computational situation theory, epistemic puzzles, common knowledge (mutual information), PROSIT (programming in situation theory), the Three Wisemen Problem, the Census-Taker Problem, the Cheating Husbands Puzzle, the Facing Logicians Puzzle. %P 51-76 %V 3 %D 1995 %L cogprints331