@misc{cogprints3334, volume = {101}, editor = {Christopher G. Prince and Luc Berthouze and Hideki Kozima and Daniel Bullock and Georgi Stojanov and Christian Balkenius}, title = {Beyond Gazing, Pointing, and Reaching: A Survey of Developmental Robotics}, author = {Max Lungarella and Giogio Metta}, publisher = {Lund University Cognitive Studies}, year = {2003}, pages = {81--89}, keywords = {developmental robotics, epigenetic robotics, robotics projects}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3334/}, abstract = {Developmental robotics is an emerging field located at the intersection of developmental psychology and robotics, that has lately attracted quite some attention. This paper gives a survey of a variety of research projects dealing with or inspired by developmental issues, and outlines possible future directions.} }