%A Georgi Stojanov %A Andrea Kulakov %T Interactivist approach to representation in epigenetic agents %X Interactivism is a vast and rather ambitious philosophical and theoretical system originally developed by Mark Bickhard, which covers plethora of aspects related to mind and person. Within interactivism, an agent is regarded as an action system: an autonomous, self-organizing, self-maintaining entity, which can exercise actions and sense their effects in the environment it inhabits. In this paper, we will argue that it is especially suited for treatment of the problem of representation in epigenetic agents. More precisely, we will elaborate on process-based ontology for representations, and will sketch a way of discussing about architectures for epigenetic agents in a general manner. %K interactivism, autonomous agent, epigenetic agent, process-based ontology %P 123-130 %E Christopher G. Prince %E Luc Berthouze %E Hideki Kozima %E Daniel Bullock %E Georgi Stojanov %E Christian Balkenius %V 101 %D 2003 %I Lund University Cognitive Studies %L cogprints3339