%A Yuichiro Yoshikawa %A Junpei Koga %A Minoru Asada %A Koh Hosoda %T A Constructive Model of Mother-Infant Interaction towards Infant?s Vowel Articulation %X Human infants seem to develop to acquire common phonemes to adults without the capability to articulate or any explicit knowledge. To understand such unrevealed human cognitive development, building a robot which reproduces such a developmental process seems effective. It will also contribute to a design principle for a robot that can communicate with human beings. This paper hypothesizes that the caregiver?s parrotry to the coo of the robot plays an important role in the phoneme acquisition process based on the implication from behavioral studies, and propose a constructive model for it. We validate the proposed model by examining whether a real robot can acquire Japanese vowels through interactions with its caregiver. %K phoneme acquisition, robot-caregiver interaction, constructive model %P 139-146 %E Christopher G. Prince %E Luc Berthouze %E Hideki Kozima %E Daniel Bullock %E Georgi Stojanov %E Christian Balkenius %V 101 %D 2003 %I Lund University Cognitive Studies %L cogprints3341