@misc{cogprints3348, volume = {101}, editor = {Christopher G. Prince and Luc Berthouze and Hideki Kozima and Daniel Bullock and Georgi Stojanov and Christian Balkenius}, title = {Modelling cortico basal-ganglionic loops and the development of sequential information encoding}, author = {Ryuta Fukuda and Micheal Spratling and Denis Mareschal and Mark Johnson}, publisher = {Lund University Cognitive Studies}, year = {2003}, pages = {167--168}, keywords = {cortico basal-ganglionic loops, connectionist model, sequential information encoding}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3348/}, abstract = {A connectionist model consisting of thirty cortico-basal ganglionic loops was implemented. This model encodes temporal information into a spatial pattern of neuronal activations in the prefrontal cortex using neurophysiologically plausible activation functions and circuitry without learning. This neural architecture was used to model experiments with infants. Initial results suggest that the cortical basal ganglionic circuitry has an inherent ability to differentiate sequential information.} }