@misc{cogprints3353, volume = {101}, editor = {Christopher G. Prince and Luc Berthouze and Hideki Kozima and Daniel Bullock and Georgi Stojanov and Christian Balkenius}, title = {Visual binding, reentry, and neuronal synchrony in a physically situated brain-based device}, author = {Anil K. Seth and Jeffrey L. McKinstry and Gerald M. Edelman and Jeffrey L. Krichmar}, publisher = {Lund University Cognitive Studies}, year = {2003}, pages = {177--178}, keywords = {simulated nervous system, neural-network, visual binding, brain-based device, Darwin VIII robot}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3353/}, abstract = {By constructing and analyzing a physically situated brain-based device (i.e. a device with sensors and actuators whose behavior is guided by a simulated nervous system), we show that reentrant connectivity and dynamic synchronization can provide an effective mechanism for binding the visual features of objects.} }