@misc{cogprints348, volume = {63}, title = {Reviewof Sober's "From a Biological Point of View: Essays in Evolutionary Philosophy"}, author = {J. Dupre}, year = {1996}, pages = {143--145}, journal = {Philosophy of Science}, url = {http://cogprints.org/348/}, abstract = {Biological knowledge has increased exponentially in the last century or so, and it would be surprising if some of this knowledge did not have implications for philosophy. In contrast with a good deal of Elliott Sober's best known work, which aims to bring philosophical methods to bear on issues within biology, the theme of this collection of essays is to explore some ways in which biological ideas, or more specifically evolutionary ideas, may be brought to bear on philosophical issues. Sober notes in his Introduction that there is no systematic theme beyond the attempt to explore the philosophical implications of taking evolutionary biology seriously. And certainly this is a diverse collection, especially with regard to the extent to which the various arguments of these papers depend on any particular content to evolutionary claims.} }