%A Jared E. Anderson %T The perception of melodic consonance: an acoustical and neurophysiological explanation based on the overtone series %X The melodic consonance of a sequence of tones is explained using the overtone series: the overtones form "flow lines" that link the tones melodically; the strength of these flow lines determines the melodic consonance. This hypothesis admits of psychoacoustical and neurophysiological interpretations that fit well with the place theory of pitch perception. The hypothesis is used to create a model for how the auditory system judges melodic consonance, which is used to algorithmically construct melodic sequences of tones. %D 2004 %K auditory cortex, auditory system, algorithmic composition, automated composition, consonance, dissonance, harmonics, Helmholtz, melodic consonance, melody, musical acoustics, neuroacoustics, neurophysiology, overtones, pitch perception, psychoacoustics, tonotopy %L cogprints3513