TY - GEN ID - cogprints3595 UR - http://cogprints.org/3595/ A1 - Dépy, D A1 - Fagot, J A1 - Vauclair, J Y1 - 1999/// N2 - Three video-formatted experiments investigated the categorization of ?above? and ?below? spatial relations in baboons (Papio papio). Using an identity matching-to-sample task, six baboons correctly matched line?dot stimuli based on the ?above? or ?below? location of the dot relative to the line (Experiment 1). Positive transfer of performance was then observed when the line?dot distance depicted in the sample stimulus differed from that of the two comparison stimuli (Experiment 2). Using a go:nogo procedure, two baboons were further trained to discriminate whether a ?B? character was displayed ?above? or ?below? a ?3? character (Experiment 3). After training, a positive transfer of performance was observed with the same type of stimuli depicted in different type fonts. Altogether, these results suggest that baboons may form conceptual representations of ?above? and ?below? spatial relations, and categorize visual forms on that basis. KW - Above/below categorical spatial relations; Baboons; Papio papio TI - Processing of above/below categorical spatial relations by baboons (Papio papio) SP - 1 AV - public EP - 9 ER -