@misc{cogprints3627, volume = {9}, number = {1}, month = {January}, title = {Teaching Physicians Procedural Skills at a National Professional Meeting}, author = {Patrick C. Alguire , MD}, year = {2004}, journal = {Medical Education Online}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3627/}, abstract = {Background: Practicing physicians often wish to improve their procedural skills but have limited educational opportunities to do so. Description: To summarize the effects of two procedural workshops on participants? confidence, proficiency, and practice patterns. Evaluation: Following completion of a skin biopsy or arthrocentesis workshop, participants completed a post-course and an 8-month follow up evaluation. Recipients of this training rated it highly and reported that following training they performed more procedures, referred less, and noted an increase in their confidence that was still evident eight months after the workshop. Conclusion: Skin biopsy and arthrocentesis/joint injection skills can be taught to practicing physicians in a workshop setting at national professional meetings. Key Words: clinical competence; internal medicine; teaching; educational measurement} }