@misc{cogprints3632, editor = {L. R. Gleitman and A. K. Joshi}, title = {The Resemblance of One-year-old Infants to Their Fathers: Refuting Christenfeld \& Hill (1995)}, author = {Robert M. French and Serge Br{\'e}dart and Johanne Huart and Christophe L. Labiouse}, publisher = {Lawrence Erlbaum}, year = {2000}, pages = {148--153}, keywords = {parental resemblance, cuckoldry}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3632/}, abstract = {In 1995 Christenfeld and Hill published a paper that purported to show at one year of age, infants resemble their fathers more than their mothers. Evolution, they argued, would have produced this result since it would ensure male parental resources, since the paternity of the infant would no longer be in doubt. We believe this result is false. We present the results of two experiments (and mention a third) which are very far from replicating Christenfeld and Hill?s data. In addition, we provide an evolutionary explanation as to why evolution would not have favored the result reported by Christenfeld and Hill.} }