@unpublished{cogprints3641, month = {May}, title = {Social Balance Theory: Revisiting Heider?s Balance Theory for many agents }, author = {Mr Hokky Situngkir and Mr Deni Khanafiah}, year = {2004}, keywords = {Heider?s Balance Theory, balance index, structure theorem, sentiment relation, social balance, balance configurations}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3641/}, abstract = {We construct a model based on Heider?s social balance theory to analyze the interpersonal network among social agents. The model of social balance theory provides us an interesting tool to see how a social group evolves to the possible balance state. We introduce the balance index that can be used to measure social balance in macro structure level (global balance index) or in micro structure (local balance index) to see how the local balance index influences the global balance structure. Several experiments are done and we discover how the social group can form separation of subgroups in a group or strengthening a social group while emphasizing the structure theorem and social mitosis previously introduced. } }