%A Vladimir A. Lefebvre %T Bipolarity, Choice, and Entro-Field %X Until now, formal models of bipolar choice have been phenomenological and were not related to the deep principles of processing information by live organisms, which limited the applications of these models and made it difficult to generalize them to the case of multi-alternative choice. We demonstrate here how to deduce a model theoretically based on a general definition of the self-reflexive system and one assumption which we called the Axiom of the Second Choice. We show further that such a deduction of the model reveals its unexpected connection to the relations between an internal variable of the self-reflexive system, a partial derivative of the entropy of the environmental influence, and a partial derivative of the entropy of choice made by the system. This connection allows us to expand the two-alternative model of bipolar choice to the case of an arbitrary number of alternatives. %K axiom of the second choice, reflexivity, matching law, bipolarity %P 95-99 %E Nagib Calaos %E Vladimir Lefebvre %E Elizabeth Hansen %E Tilo Dickopp %E Su Jaw-Sin %V IV %D 2004 %I Unternational Institute of Informatics and Systemics %L cogprints3761