%A Alain Morin %T A neuro-socio-cognitive model of self-awareness %X Presents a model of self-awareness that proposes the existence of three sources of self-information. (1) The social milieu includes self-relevant feedback, a social comparison mechanism leading to perspective-taking, and audiences. (2) The physical environment contains self-focusing and reflecting stimuli such as mirrors and video cameras. (3) The self can develop bodily awareness through proprioception and can reflect upon itself using imagery and inner speech. Furthermore, self-awareness is mainly mediated by the prefrontal lobes. Various links are established between these different neurological, social, and cognitive elements of the model. %D 2003 %K self, awareness, sources of self-information, social interactions, self-focusing stimuli, frontal lobes, inner speech, mental imagery, media %L cogprints3787