@misc{cogprints3864, title = {Modeling Adaptive Learning: R\&D Strategies in the Model of Nelson \& Winter (1982)}, author = {Murat Yildizoglu}, year = {2001}, note = {JEL Classification: O3, L1, D83}, keywords = { Learning, Learning Classifier Systems, Bounded Rationality, Technical Progress, Innovation}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3864/}, abstract = {This article aims to test the relevance of learning through Genetic Algorithms (GA) and Learning Classifier Systems (LCS), in opposition with fixed R\&D rules, in a simplified version of the evolutionary industry model of Nelson and Winter. These three R\&D strategies are compared from the points of view of industry performance (welfare): the results of simulations clearly show that learning is a source of technological and social efficiency.} }