@misc{cogprints3902, month = {December}, title = {Homi Jehangir Bhabha as a Knowledge Generating System: A Longitudinal Cognition Study}, author = {T. Swarna and V.L. Kalyane and E.R. Prakasan and Vijai Kumar}, year = {2003}, note = {http://www.barc.ernet.in/webpages/about/}, keywords = {Author self-citations; Author Self-references; Classic-author; Classic-Author Synchronous Self-References; Classic paper; Embryology of knowledge; H. J. Bhabha; Publication as an intellectual output; Publication productivity; Recency; Synchronous references as intellectual inputs; Synchronous self-citations; Temporal profile of Self-references; Time-lag; Cognition; Knowledge; Epistemology; Scholarly communications; Longitudinal Case Study; Psychology of science; Science about science}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3902/}, abstract = {Quantitative analysis of the events of synchronous references in the research papers followed throughout the publishing career of an individual scientist revealed interesting highlights on the knowledge-generating-system. In the case study of Homi Jehangir Bhabha first quinquennium and fifth quinquennium of his research career had low Self-references; third quinquennium and fourth quinquennium had moderate Self-references; whereas second quinquennium had highest Self-references. The two major clusters of Self-references occurring during the second and third quinquennium were indicators of active periods of knowledgegenerating and faster communications.} }