%A John F. Post %J Festshcrift in Honor of Oswaldo Chateaubriand %T Is Supervenience Asymmetric? %X After some preliminary clarifications, arguments for the supposed asymmetry of supervenience and determination, such as they are, are shown to be unsound. An argument against the supposed asymmetry is then constructed and defended against objections. This is followed by explanations of why the intuition of asymmetry is nonetheless so entrenched, and of how the asymmetric ontological priority of the physical over the non-physical can be understood without the supposed asymmetry of supervenience and determination. %K supervenience, supervene, determination, determine, nonreductive determination, Kim, reduction, explanation, physicalism, priority, ontological priority, asymmetry, asymmetric, asymmetric ontological priority, transitivity, primacy, ontological primacy, identity %E L. C. Pereira %E M. Wrigley %D 2000 %I Manuscrito %L cogprints391