@misc{cogprints3994, volume = {1}, number = {3}, author = {John Bolender}, editor = {Saffet Bab{\"u}r and Zeynep G{\"u}rata and Barry Stocker}, title = {Two Accounts of Moral Diversity: The Cognitive Science of Pluralism and Absolutism}, publisher = {Yeditepe University Department of Philosophy}, journal = {Yeditepe'de Felsefe}, year = {2004}, keywords = {absolutism, moral progress, pluralism, relational models, relativism}, url = {http://cogprints.org/3994/}, abstract = {Advances in cognitive science are relevant to the debate between moral pluralism and absolutism. Parametric structure, which plausibly underlies syntax, gives some idea of how pluralism might be true. The cognitive mechanisms underlying mathematical intelligence give some idea of how far absolutism is right. Advances in cognitive science should help us better understand the extent to which we are divided and how far we are potentially harmonious in our values} }