@unpublished{cogprints4013, month = {November}, title = {A Thesis: A CRYPTOGRAPHIC STUDY OF SOME DIGITAL SIGNATURE SCHEMES.}, school = {I.B.S. Khandri-AGRA}, author = {Kumar Manoj balyan raghuvanshi}, year = {2003}, note = {Some of the research papers related to this thesis may seen at arxiv.org}, keywords = {cryptography,secret key cryptography,public key cryptography,authentication, digital signature ,proxy signature, threshold signature, directed signature schemes.}, url = {http://cogprints.org/4013/}, abstract = {In this thesis, we propose some directed signature schemes. In addition, we have discussed their applications in different situations. In this thesis, we would like to discuss the security aspects during the design process of the proposed directed digital signature schemes. The security of the most digital signature schemes widely use in practice is based on the two difficult problems, viz; the problem of factoring integers (The RSA scheme) and the problem of finding discrete logarithms over finite fields (The ElGamal scheme). The proposed works in this thesis is divided into seven chapters. } }