%A Claire D?Este %T Sharing Meaning with Machines %X Communication can be described as the act of sharing meaning, so if humans and machines are to communicate, how is this to be achieved between such different creatures? This paper examines what else the communicators need to share in order to share meaning, including perception, categorisation, attention, sociability and consciousness. It compares and takes inspiration from communications with others with different perception and categorisation, including the deaf-blind, the autistic and animals. %K human machine communication, shared meaning, perception, categorization, attention %P 111-114 %E Luc Berthouze %E Hideki Kozima %E Christopher G. Prince %E Giulio Sandini %E Georgi Stojanov %E Giorgio Metta %E Christian Balkenius %V 117 %D 2004 %I Lund University Cognitive Studies %L cogprints4058